Speaker: Brad Loncar
Event held on September 22, 2016

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Investing in the Future of Cancer Care

Noted biotechnology investor and commentator Brad Loncar will talk about a transformative area within the biotech space called cancer immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is expected to become the foundational treatment for cancer over the next ten years. While traditional medicines like chemotherapies often give cancer a broad punch, the benefit of using immunotherapy is derived from the immune system’s dynamic nature and the way it can more precisely be tailored to fight a patient’s disease. Immunotherapies have already been approved by FDA and are changing medical practice in melanoma, lung, kidney, and blood cancers. The approach was recently in the news, as President Jimmy Carter has responded well to one of these drugs.

Brad Loncar

Independent biotech investor and analyst Brad Loncar regularly provides his unique insight and analysis on this market segment to the investment community via a variety of publishing platforms. He is one of the most followed voices in biotech on social media. He previously worked in the financial services industry at Franklin Templeton Investments, and was appointed to serve in a Senior Adviser role at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.